Looking for Team Building Activities? We offer Ropes Challenge Courses.


Bridgeport ropes coursesThe Ropes Challenge Courses at Bridgeport Camp and Conference Center are designed to encourage teamwork and camaraderie, promote leadership and trust, and help overcome challenges.

These ropes courses are not only for team building, but can also be incorporated into any retreat for adult church groups, youth groups, and children’s groups.

Low ropes courses area ideal for fostering teamwork and building trust between partners.

High ropes courses seem more intimidating, so it helps more with personal growth in terms of learning how to overcome challenges, no matter how daunting.

Bridgeport ropes coursesParticipants who go through the ropes courses will also gain experience in problem solving, resource management, conflict resolution, group consensus, peer respect, communication, faith, diversity, confidence, cooperation, and patience.

For information about rates and availability, email us or call us at 940-683-2555 or 877-683-2555 (toll free). Our programs are flexible. We can discuss the goals of your group and tailor your program to provide maximum benefit.