Academic/Outdoor Education


Utilizing Nature as Our Global Resource and Backdrop to Collaborate, Inspire, Challenge, and Educate.



Here, at the Bridgeport Camp and Conference Center (BCCC), we strive to create interesting and exciting outdoor experiences with programs designed to strengthen student core academic skills through scientific processes, problem-solving tasks, writing and journaling projects, and data analysis activities.

Select from a list of our hands-on programs including, but not limited to, interactive hikes, animal tracking, fishing, and tree and plant identification. Our programs are designed to correlate with Texas Essential Knowledge Skills (TEKS) core curriculum standards but we can also work with you to create programs that meet your individual academic requirements. Research indicates that outdoor education excites students’ curiosity, helping them to apply academic concepts as it inspires critical thinking.

Our goal is two-fold: (1) To provide and empower educators with opportunities to try out new practices, take inventory of available local resources, and ultimately and most importantly utilize it all to help students to learn. (2) To provide exciting outdoor experiences to both the educator and the student, utilizing nature and basic tools in support of academic education in an ever changing and challenging world.

Please give us a call for available days, times, and prices. We look forward to hearing from you.


binocularsExploration Day
Pre-K - 12th grade


treeLet’s Be an Arborist
Pre-K - 12th grade


fishAquatic Adventure
Pre-K - 12th grade


turkeyWho’s a Turkey
Pre-K - 6th grade


Monarch WayStationMonarch Study
K - 12th grade


Texas Aquatic Science Certified Field SiteTexas Aquatic Science Field Site Program
6th - 12th grade


thought bubbleIndividualized Plan & Schedule
Pre-K - 12th grade


Teachers and aides attend free!

We ask that for every 21 students there be a teacher or adult aide.

Lunch can be provided upon request for $4.00 per person.


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Monarch Watch Monarch Waystation Program
Texas Project Learning Tree