Exploration Day

Exploration Day

Pre-K – 12th grade

Come and explore what nature has to offer. Year round, we have many things to discover. Throughout the day a variety of birds, insects, animal sign, trees, plants fossils, water and much more await your exploration!

Exploration Day allows you, the teacher, to design activities and a schedule that meets your specific needs i.e. subject, class, and season all with a particular curriculum in mind.

Exploration DayExploration Day

If you want help planning, we have many pre-planned activities available to choose from that meet the TEKS and varied curriculum objectives from Pre-K to 12th grade.


Exploration Day is available to educators as an outdoor education facility. Each group is required to bring individual materials necessary. These materials can consist of journals, pencils, rulers, safety goggles, magnifying glasses, etc. We can provide sample supply lists for our pre-planned activities and offer any suggestions and guidelines you may require. We hope to see you soon!

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