What about technology?

We provide most of the materials for the Trees, Aquatic, Turkeys, and Monarch programs. We encourage the use of technology, so if you choose to add this component to the lessons through the use of your classroom iPads, please feel free to do so at your own risk. We are not liable for lost or damaged devices. Some schools choose to bring one iPad per two or three students. Teachers have also placed iPads in gallon-sized baggies to protect against damage from sand and soil.

If we have to bring items, how do we get them set out?

We suggest that you and persons involved schedule an afternoon (from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.) sometime before your scheduled day to come meet with our team, bring what you need, set it up, and finalize details. This will allow your time out here to be fully utilized towards the students learning experience.

Do we have to bring our lunches?

We have the capabilities to serve lunch on site. Add $4.00 for a provided lunch (hotdog, chips, dessert, and drink) to your initial program request cost. If you choose to change the menu options, then price will be more than $4.00. You can also choose to bring your lunches. We ask that you bring NO glass containers. All other lunch information is provided between teachers and students/parents.

Can we do our own activities?

Yes, you can. When scheduling a program we will contact you to finalize a lesson plan with details on activities for that day with your particular class, wants and needs in mind. Let us know if you have an activity that you wish to be done within one of our programs.

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