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Camp Bible

Dates: September 18-19, 2021.

Camp Bible is a Bible Retreat for children who will be in Grades 3-5 in the 2021-2022 school year.

You are going to be part of this very special weekend where our theme will be What a Friend We Have in Jesus. We will focus on how Jesus showed friendship to different people in the Bible, and how we can learn to show the love of friendship to everyone we meet. At Camp Bible we recognize how important it is for us to use our Bibles, since God continues to talk to us through words and stories. Not only will we share in the adventure of learning about our Bibles, we will share in camp life as well.

Get ready to look at the stars, claim your bunk, eat outside, play games, sing together and so much more!

For more information about Camp Bible or to register please click the button below.

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Camp Bible

Confirmation Connection Retreat

January 14 - 16, 2022

Our Confirmation Connection is a retreat-style confirmation camp in the North Texas Conference that partners with local UMC Churches to provide a connectional confirmation experience.

Our retreat works well as a confirmation kick-off event, mid-way point or closing retreat based on when your church begins and ends confirmation. It can also act as a confirmation program for churches that don't currently have something to offer their students.

Cost is for each confirmand and adult. We do have a small amount of scholarship money available for churches that need help paying for their adults.

Registration opens Nov. 29, 2021

Email Joseph Bradley, NTC Director of Camping and Retreat Ministries, if you have any questions.

Confirmation tree

MidWinter Retreat 2022

Session 1: Jan. 28-30, 2022
Session 2: Feb. 13-14, 2022

Grade Range: MidWinter Retreats is for 6th – 12th grades

Join 6th-12th grade students from across the North Texas Conference for a weekend of worship, learning, playing and being in community while learning about God’s love and grace! Registration opens in December 2021.

Please email Emma Williams with any questions

Virtual MidWinter 2021

CLICK HERE for information about scheduling your own retreat at Bridgeport.